“Real Madrid’s Late Heroics: 10-Man Triumph Seals Dramatic Victory Against Alaves in LaLiga”

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“Real Madrid’s Late Heroics despite playing with 10 men for a significant part of the match. Lucas Vazquez’s stoppage-time header proved to be the decisive moment, lifting Real Madrid to the top of the standings on goal difference, tied with Girona at 45 points.

“Real Madrid’s Late Heroics

The match took a turn when Nacho received a red card for a sliding tackle in the 54th minute. Until then, Real Madrid struggled to break through Alaves’ defense and create scoring opportunities. The home team, standing in 17th place, posed a tough challenge, especially in their home stadium, where they had earned the majority of their points.

Real Madrid’s first-half chances were limited, with goalkeeper Antonio Sivera denying Federico Valverde’s powerful long-range shot. However, after going a man down, Real Madrid displayed resilience and intent.

As the game approached its conclusion, Alaves seemed content with securing a draw, but Real Madrid continued to press forward. Rodrygo came close with a curling strike in the 75th minute, and the breakthrough finally came in the added time. Toni Kroos delivered a corner, and Vazquez’s header found the back of the net in a crowded box.

The victory was met with jubilation from the Real Madrid players and staff, acknowledging the challenges faced during the match. Manager Carlo Ancelotti praised the team’s tenacity, describing the win as a reward for their resilient performance with ten men.

In the post-match press conference, Ancelotti remarked, “This team has unknown energies. It was a complicated match, and with one man down… everyone thought that today would be a typical day for us to slip up. But we held on well with ten men, we defended well, and, in the end, we were rewarded.”

The triumph propelled Real Madrid to the top of the league table, showcasing their ability to overcome adversity and secure crucial victories.

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